1936 Packard 120-B

Last updated on February 20, 2023

Todays car is a 1936 Packard 120-B business Coup it is finished in Packard Cream owned by Earl. Earl is a regular at the Marina del Rey’s coffee and cars get together on Sunday mornings. It is powered by a 282 cu in, 4.62 liters, with the all-new Packard aluminum L-head in line 8 cylinder engine producing 120 hp, with a dual point distributor and a Stromberg EE-23 carburetor. Transferring that power through a 3-speed manual transmission and delivering that power to the 7.00 x 16 tires through 4.09 t0 1 standard rear end gear ratio. There was an optional 4.54 to 1 gear ratio. To slow this baby down Packard added Bendix hydraulic brakes on all four wheels, The following standard tools were furnished. Screw driver, pliers, spark plug wrench, lug wrench and screw jack. The MSRP in 1936 for the standard Business Coupe was $990.00. There were 24,981 120 coupes built in Detroit, Michigan of the 55,042 total of all body styles produce that year. That is the highest production that the 120 would reach. An optional built in radio was available at a cost of $59.50. Earl has the optional backup light with documentation.

This is a great original car. Thanks for riding along.


Optional electric fan and spot light. No radio!!!
Optional Backup light in 1936.