Memories of JJ and her 1971 Corvette

Today is a sad day for car enthusiast and people living in the South Bay area of Los Angeles, CA. I learned today that JJ Falk a mutual C3 Corvette owner had pasted away on June 6th. I met JJ on April 5th, 2014 at the Vette Sets Annual Car Show for the first time. This was my first time I entered my Corvette in an all Corvette car show. I saw this sparkling red 1971 Corvette already parked as I was pulling in and I parked next to it. I got out and introduced myself as JJ was still busily finishing the final touches on her car. I remember saying to her you are embarrassing me. I feel like I should be still cleaning and polishing my car. She was dressed to work. I mean knee pads, wide brimmed hat, and full collection of detailing supplies and towels. I learned later from her husband, Herm, that she spent the proceeding week in the garage cleaning and polishing her car. She had a cot to sleep on in the garage and he would take her meals there during that preceeding week. OMG JJ was a serious contender. JJ and I were both in the same Modified C3 Corvette class. I won that year, but JJ was a very gracious loser. She was always a fierce competitor with me. I learned from a mutual friend that she secretly admired my Corvette. That is a great accolade coming from JJ. I have one more story describing JJ. I stopped by Ruby’s in Redondo Beach a few years later for the Vette Set Annual Car Show to see friends and look around at all the Corvettes. I saw JJ setting down and she had a portable oxygen tank at her side that she was using. I walked over to say hello. She said hello and promptly asked “are you showing today?”. I said no. She got this beautiful smile on her face and said good! Then she stood up and gave me a hug. She got first place in C3 Modified class that day (see the last photo). That is the memory of JJ that will stay with me for forever.

JJ was the original owner of her 1971 Corvette Coupe and took great pride in her car for the 50 years they spent together. She was a bit of tomboy at heart and grew up with several car loving brothers, The car was originally War Bonnet Yellow and she had it painted Millie Miglia Red? we think about 30 years ago by JJ’s and my mutual friend Scott Kenning of The Fiberglass Body. The interior was Black. The engine was a LS-5 454/365 with a 4 speed manual transmission and 3.36 to 1 posit traction rear end. The Kelsey Hayes wheels with the BF Goodrich Radial T/As gave the car a updated 1980s look. Not the kind of Classic that most ladies drive!

This is a great looking C3 with most sincere, down to earth and generous lady that you will ever meet. I already miss her. No Corvette show will be the same! RIP my friend.

Photos from Eddie Deery taken between 2015 & 2018. Thank you Eddie and Sandy for sharing your memories.

Thanks for riding along. Frank

JJ taking bring home the bacon!!! First Place C3 Modified.