1948 Dodge Power Wagon

Todays truck is a 1948 Dodge Power Wagon 1 ton, B-1-PW, and is finished in Standard Dodge 2 tone combination. This one is finished in Green and Black colors with Black interior. It is owned by Paul and Jerry. I spotted this one Sunday morning at the Marina del Rey cars and coffee. It is powered by a 230 cu in, 3.8 liter, in line 6 cylinder engine, single barrel Carter carburetor, producing 94 hp and transferring that power through a 4 speed non synchromesh manual transmission. In four-wheel-drive mode, the transfer case provides eight forward speeds and two for reverse. Delivering that power to the 9.00″ x 16″ knobby military style tires through 4.56 t0 1 gear ratio. Mounted behind the front bumper is a 10,000 pound Power Take Off (PTO) Winch made by Braden Winch Co. Top cruising speed for this 6,000 pound beast is about 45 mph.

Great looking truck not your everyday cars and coffee fare.

Thanks for riding along. Frank

Dodge Tough!!!
!0,000 Pound PTO Winch.
9.00″ x 16″ knobby military style tires