Porsche 356 Speedster reproduction

Last updated on February 7, 2022

Back on December 4th I showed you a picture of a 356 Porsche and a Volkswagen Van Westfalia that were tucked away in a garage at the end of a very long driveway.  I walk by this house everyday hoping to meet the owner, well perseverance payed off and I finally met Jim.  I mentioned to him that I had seen a 356 Porsche and a Volkswagen Westfalia and that I would like to take pictures of them for my email blog.  He look at me with a smile on his face and said do you want to see the rest of the collection the 356 Speedster, the C4 Corvette and the 2 Cadillacs.  Well he invited me back to look the rest of his collection, listen to his stories, and take pictures.

Today’s car is the first of Jim’s collection.  A 356 Speedster reproduction done in galaxy blue.  It was produced by Vintage Motor Cars in Hawaiian Gardens, CA.  Jim decided on the 2.3 liter engine with 145 HP, 4 speed standard transmission, independent rear suspension, and heated seats.  Jim is a senior citizen and decided that he just needed one more car.  I love that.  The speedster is one year old and he does not pretend that it is a real Porsche.  Well since he has a real one.  This is his favorite car to drive.  His little hot rod!  Fun car!  You will see the rest of his collection in the next few days.  
Thanks for riding along. Frank

This is a current photo of Jim at Manhattan Beach Cars and Coffee held at The Point in El Segundo, CA. The article was published in the Easy Reader and Peninsula in the Feb. 1, 2022 issue and written and photographed by Craig Hymovitz