1964 Porsche 356 SC

Last updated on September 5, 2021

Today’s car is the second in the series of Jim’s cars.  It is a 1964 Porsche 356 SC done in Stone Grey.  Jim bought the car that resided in Europe and had it shipped here. Except for an engine rebuild and paint job, the car is original, The engine compartment was detailed in non-traditional colors and that is just the way Jim wanted it. It was originally sold in Switzerland. It was given as a birthday present to a lady psychologist. She mainly drove it around Zurich.

This is the last revision of the 356 introduced as the 356 C in 1964 and ran through 1965 model year. It featured disc brakes all around, as well as an option for the most powerful pushrod engine Porsche had ever produced, the 95 hp, 1600 cc and was designated ”SC”.  

This is a piece of Studebaker history for Joe, which I am sure he knew!!!  The 530.  In 1953 Studebaker contacted Porsche to develop a new engine, but they developed an entire car that was a four-seat version of the 356.  The prototype called Porsche 530 was rejected as Studebaker wanted a larger car, with larger engine and with the engine in the front.  The new prototype was called Porsche 542 or Studebaker Z-87.

Very nice car! Thanks for riding along. Frank