Bits and Pieces from Peter in Australia 2024 Edition #3

Peter is a “photographic observer” who is living in Australia. Today’s collection of photographs from Peter are some very interesting Bits and Pieces of photos that he has taken in Australia and here in the US. I like that we get to see how Peter shares his views of the hobby in Australia and here in the US.

Redondo Beach – These photos go back 20 years when he found these two Morris’s and a Cadillac in plain view in the driveway .

South Bay on PCH 1980s-90s – Every trip Peter made to South Bay he found less and less used car dealers and saw the trend over time continue. He has taken more photos of the used car dealerships over the years and now on his return trips they are all gone. Merrit Motors was the last one and he was very ill when Peter last saw him.

Cadillac King – San Fernando Valley 1990s – Peter could not get any information on this odd ball car and is hoping some of you may know something about it. I could not find anything on this one. What do I see? Looks like a 1948 Cadillac rear bumper, 1957 Chevrolets front fenders turned on their sides to shield the headlights, obviously a Rolls Royce grill, 1949 – 1950 Chevrolet body and the square rear side window is anybody’s guess.

In the articles above Peter was preparing on coming to the USA in early September for a couple of weeks. His ambitions were to get some good photo shoots in while he was here.

As it turns out Peter got back in Australia with little to show for his stay here in the US. The chips he was using got ruined. Meanwhile, Peter has gathered some older photos and whatever peaks his interests at home. So the following are articles after his return home.

1950 Ford Morayfield – Peter, forwarded this to me because this peeked his interest. This could have been Peter’s first car that he bought in West Australia. The car has a history since then. Peter said that this is one of his super coincidences, to be sure! Morayfield is a small town and suburb in the City of Moreton Bay, Queensland, Australia not far from where Peter lives.

Peter was walking down Morayfield Road when he heard a big engine rev before he saw it shoot out from a side street, did a u-turn and Peter just followed the noise and got these cell phone photos. The B&W was taken in the 1980s and the car was MOPAR powered at the time, but is now again Ford powered.

Peter said you can see all the body work that was done to get it to where it is now and believes it is going in the right direction! I would like to know what is under the 3 intake stacks, carburetors or injectors? Maybe Peter will get back to me on that.

West Australia (WA) 1949 Ford (1972 – 1974) – Peter’s first wheels in Australia, a 1949  Ford coupe he found and purchased in Fremantle, WA for $400 in 1972. The photos were taken in 1972 in PERTH where he lived at the time and the latter ones are 1973-74 when he lived at Scarbrough Beach in West Australia. He then moved to Queensland in 1986 and never returned to WA since. He sold it in 1974 and never saw it again. He thinks there was a WA car show and a black and white photo of it appeared in a very early Australia Custom Rodder. When he purchased the car he thought it was a novelty to see a 1949 Mercury badging attached to the bonnet. He kept the aftermarket wheels and never did switch back to the proper wheels as the tires were just fine. He also added the stone guard grid for headlights.

The model was made for Peter by Tony Dahl in the 1990s from photos and a AMT. Peter still has the model car and did you notice it is a RHD.

Perth 1972
Perth 1972
Peter and his 1949 ford in Scarbrough Beach 1972-1973
Scarbrough Beach 1972-1973

Model Car built for Peter

Just recently Peter saw some interesting wheels that he saw while on the road. One he thinks I may have posted in a Bits and Pieces article that took place at some kind of Gold Coast get together. It was a well worn US 1957 Ford 2 door that was a faded white over blue with Ford lettered transfers tacked onto the side just above the rear tire wells. He and the 57 Ford were both on the go so no photo. Then he spotted a JAILBAR (wipers above windscreen) pre WWII flat bed barreling along the MI at 100 kph. The things that fill up your rear view mirror eh?

Peter and I want to thank you for riding along and hope that you enjoyed this latest grouping. Frank