1936 MG Saloons

Last updated on May 20, 2024

Today’s car is a 1936 MG SA Saloon owned by Dave Spiegel. I photographed this car at the Early Rodder’s Cars and Coffee a weekly gathering located in La Cañada, CA. The car is finished in a two-tone combination dark blue and silver combination with a camel leather interior and don’t miss the beautiful inlayed wood. It is powered by a 75.3 hp, 2.3 liter, in-line 6 cylinder engine, with twin downdraft horizontal SU carburetors, transferring that power through a wet cork clutch that is mated 4-speed manual transmission with 4.07:1 rear axle. Slowing this beauty down are Lockheed 12″ hydraulic drums on all four wheels with a mechanically actuated handbrake. The front suspension is a solid beam axle with half elliptic springs. The rear suspension live axle with half elliptic springs. The car is adorned with 19″ Rudge Whitworth center-lock wire wheels.

David bought the car in 2009 and it took nine years to do the restoration. They took it to a shop in Redlands called Joe’s Old Cars and he removed the body and put it on a dolly, then took the chassis home to their garage where David and his son restored and completed the rolling chassis. After five years the finished chassis was brought out out to Redlands, where Joe’s Old Car’s put the body on the chassis, lined up the doors with the proper gaps, and hauled it back to their home garage. From there they started working on the engine, wiring and basically got the car roadworthy. You can now see the amazing results!

MG SA Saloons were built from 1936 to 1939. The total number of 2,738 units were built with 3 body styles: the saloon, open tourer and Tickford dropheads. Only about 100 cars have survived because they had metal covered wooden framed bodies that expensively deteriorated over time. David said that this one was saved when it probably should not have been, but at great expense and time they restored it. The MSRP was £415. The published top speed of 85 MPH.

This car is a First Place Winner at The Classic Club Car of America’s National Competition and on the cover of The Classic Car Fall 2020 edition. The MG Saloon combines the best of the 1930’s graceful lines to make the body styling of the MG SA one of the most beautiful cars created. This beautiful restoration is a rare head turner that draws attention at British Car Shows and Cars & Coffee events. Thank you for riding along. Frank

The “Midge” the Mosquito Mascot for MG owners!