1986 Citroën 2CV6 Special 4-door saloon

Last updated on November 30, 2021

Today car is a 1986 Citroën 2CV6 Special 4-door saloon.  Technical Specifications = 2 cylinder, 435 cc 23 bhp, induction: 1 Solex carburetor, 4-speed, manual, top-speed: approx. 110 km/h = 68 mph, and drum brakes all round.  I saw this car in Bonnieux, Provence-Alps-Côtes d’Azur, France on June 15th, 2019.  The women in the picture rented this vehicle to tour France.  How fun!   

The Citroën 2CV started out as a capable off-roader. Four-wheel drive turns it into a monster! Hemmings Published this article by Daniel Strohl on Feb 28th, 2021.  Click the link “Snails on “roids” below to see this fun article and videos.

Snails on ‘roids