1966 Chevrolet Corvair

Last updated on October 6, 2021

Today’s car is a 1966 Chevrolet Corvair with an amazing Flame paint job. It is owned Noe Rabio and purchased at a Barrett-Jackson auction in 2010. I saw this car at The Zimmerman ADM at the South Bay Classics Car Show featuring Air Cooled Cars on September 11, 2021. It is powered by a 164.0 cu in, 2.7 liter, flat 6 cylinder engine with 2-1 barrel Rochester carburetors producing 110 hp. It transfers that power through a 2-speed Powergluide automatic transmission. Delivering that power to the rear wheels through 3.27 t0 1 rear end gear ratio. Helping slow this baby down are 9.50 inch brake drums in all the way around. The original MSRP was $2,350.00. The total number of 1966 Corvairs produced was 2,206,639 of which 64,792 were 2 door Sport Coupes.

Noe is a bit of a prankster as you can tell by the his faux LS7 Chevrolet engine cover. This car has a great look. I love the flames and the rake on this car. Very nice ride ready to be enjoyed at car shows and cars and coffee mornings. Thanks for traveling along. Frank

Ed Iskenderian celebrating his 100th birthday at The Zimmerman ADM signed the left side plate.