1934 Mercury, What that’s a Ford dressed up to look like a Mercury!

Today‚Äôs car is a 1934 Ford 2 door sedan “Victoria” that the owner has made to look like a 1934 Mercury, if they had built one. He then customized it. I photographed it at Hot Wheels Legends Tour held at Mattel Inc in El Segundo, CA. It is finished in black with a red leather interior. While peeking through the louvers, I suspect it is a SB Chevy with Edelbrock finned valve covers and is mated to automatic transmission. Slowing this beauty down are disc brakes in the front and drums in the rear. The front and rear suspension are some aftermarket setup. Some of the subtle custom touches are the added Mercury badging throughout the car, check out the hood ornament, the chopped top, the body rake, the headlight with the directionals built in, coved taillights and inset rear license plate. Keep looking there is more.

Mercury’s were made from 1938-2011 and served as Ford Motor Company’s medium-priced brand, filling the gap between Fords and Lincolns. This is a tastefully build car that caught me off guard. Did they build an early 30’s Mercury? No, but he got me looking! What a great car to take to Fomoco car shows and have people scratching their heads. It will also get a lot of attention at Cars & Coffee events. Thank you for riding along. Frank