1934 Duesenberg J Torpedo Phaeton

Today’s car is a 1934 Duesenberg J Torpedo Phaeton, coachwork by Brunn and owned by Rob and Jeannie Hilarides. I photographed this award winning car at the San Marino Motor Classic, that is held at Lacy Park, located in San Marino, CA. The car is finished in black with a warm brown leather interior. It is powered by a 265 hp, 6.9 liter, DOHC inline 8 engine, with a single dual-throat updraft Schleber carburetor and mated to a 3-speed Warner Hy-Flew manual transmission with 3.81:1 rear axle. Slowing this beauty down are 15″ hydraulic drum brakes in all 4 corners. The front suspension has a solid front axle with semi-elliptical leaf springs and double-acting hydraulic lever shock absorbers. The rear suspension is a live axle with semi-elliptical leaf springs, and double-acting hydraulic lever shock absorbers.

The model J’s were produced in Indianapolis, IN from 1929 – 1937 with 481 units produced with only 36 SJs (supercharged) produced. Today 378 Duesenbergs Model Js are known to exist. The MSRP was $9,500.00. It has a published top speed of 116 mph with an estimated 0-60 mph time of ~13.0 seconds.

The Model J was Intended to compete with the most luxurious and powerful cars in the world which debuted December 1 at the New York Car Show of 1928. This is another rare, beautifully restored original car that I saw at San Marino Motor Classic. What a great car to exhibit at Concours D’Elegance’s and take on classic vintage tours. Thank you for riding along. Frank

Courtesy of Bonhams, Duesenberg winged hood mascot, ‘Duesenbird’, & spread-eagle insignia radiator mounted
Rear seating area with suicide doors