1930 Ford Model A

Last updated on May 12, 2021

Today’s car is a 1930 Ford fordor “Blind Back” sedan with a Briggs body. It is called blind back because the two windows behind the doors were eliminated for limousine privacy at the expense of rear vision. The 4-window “blind back” sedans are very rare compared to the 6-window Town Sedans. The finish is two-tone blue; Washington Blue on the bottom and Riviera Blue on top. The car is powered by a 201 cube inline sidevalve four developing 40hp and transferring that power through 3-speed unsynchronized manual transmission and 3.77:1 rear end. It has cable operated mechanical drum brakes. The 1930 models were available with stainless steel radiator shells and headlamps. This deluxe also features twin sidemount spares and a trunk rack and trunk on the rear..

As a side note. There were 2 bodies produced Briggs and Murray. The easiest way to tell the difference is to look at the door windows. The Briggs-built bodies have windows that are straight across at the top, while the Murray doors have a slight arch at the top of the windows. 

I saw this car on a grocery run. This is a rare and nicely restored Model A. Great car.  Notice the directionals lights that are tucked into the bumpers. 


Most Briggs and Murray bodies had a body tag on the firewall. Through the years, many of these are missing. Thanks to The Model A Ford Club of America for the Briggs and Murray body tags images.