Solomon’s Ride

Solomon’s Ride is Red Flyer Wagon expertly converted to a Jeep Rubicon by Alex Rivera. Alex drives a Jeep and thought that Solomon needed one of his own. He bought the wagon at a garage sale and it came with the big tires. Alex’s first attempt was with cardboard but, Solomon was to strong for that. Alex used construction styrofoam cardboard that is much stronger. Alex created the Jeep with a removable top, doors and those big mirrors for that bad Jeep look. Plus this jeep has a great sounding exhaust system, powered by an electronic exhaust through a wireless speaker system. The LED headlights are also a nice touch. Keep looking you will see some other great details.

The one thing for sure is that Solomon looks good and enjoys his own Jeep. He and his Jeep were a big hit at the Muscle Car at The Zimmerman ADM in El Segundo, CA, Thanks for riding a long. Frank