My Great Grandfather’s Duesy

“It’s a real Duesy/ doozy/ doozie,” originally referred to one of the most elegant makes of cars in all of automotive history, the Duesenberg.

Today car is a story about a Duesenberg shared with us from Steve Magoffin. Thanks Steve.

Although my family is not a real “car family”, there is one car that stands out as sort of a family legend.  This was my great grandfather Alexander’s Duesenberg.  My grandmother Alexandra gave me this photograph in the 1970’s showing her father at the wheel of his 1925 or 1926 Duesenberg.  It is Duesenberg Model A Sport Phaeton by Millspaugh & Irish. This rear-mounted spare wheels are a unique feature that sets it apart,  This picture is a totally “The Roaring 20’s” family heirloom with my great grandfather behind the wheel looking the part with his hat and heavy coat.  There is a riches to rags story to this car.  My great grandfather’s company went bust in the Great Depression and the Duesenberg and other assets were sold!

Here is another great picture of the family “Duesy” with my grandmother posing by the rear of the car on a road trip.

Steve Magoffin

Thanks for riding along. Frank