Bits and Pieces from Peter In Australia August 21 Edition

Last updated on October 28, 2022

Lets start out with a 1972 Pontiac Firebird that is for sale for $15,000.00 AU. It has a 350 cu in engine and a 5 speed manual transmission. Peter did not want to be critical, but said for the $ the dash conversion looked pretty “dodgy” for a roadworthy certificate for starters. See for your self looking at the dash board.

After two years Peters local car club was able to put on a swap meet and they had a perfect sunny winter day for it. On the day there were a number of very interesting vehicles that made a appearance.  As Peter was a participant with a stall he had to attend to. He only got a look around the night before and he was again free to take photos of those that remained after the trophy ceremonies.

This 1970 Falcon 4WD wagon was the most interesting for Peter on that day. For a start this is not a factory built 4WD wagon but, it did start life as a factory Ford 4WD UTE of which there are maybe 400 that were built. All of them at the Old Ford factory plant in Brisbane with the help of Jeep AU in a joint effort with Ford. Ford closed the Brisbane assemble plant years ago as did Jeep AU. It is rumored a wagon was made along with four panel vans for Army evaluation and that is only on word of mouth. No documentation that Peter knows of for that. Peter has photographed a 4WD 1970 UTE rumored to be the one survivor years ago. Again no documentation.

The original UTEs in the promotional pamphlet all came with 6 cylinders, so the V8 here was not a 4WD option though the floor shift was standard . The hood scoop and GS graphics were a option for 1970 Falcon UTE’s. This wagon has everything as far as uniqueness. Peter said as it was driving away it sounded great and what is there not to like?

Peter has not seen a Chevrolet UTE of this vintage in running condition for a long while. Though modified it is not out of character and the additional tail lights makes for a safe drive. It is a 1952 and these were the last of the breed for being the grand daddy of the El Camino. What this was running on? Though down on the nose should be a six cylinder.

This next group of pictures are from the swap meet and just some quick shots of things that Peter thought might interest us. Peter said that the 57 sounded brutal when it drove by. A pair of pick-up imports. One Ford and one Chevy. A C7 Corvette, A Plymonth in the import parking lot. An Austin Van getting trailered as it exits the show grounds. And like anywhere else in Australia “flat hatters” and their buggy. LOL

The final car is none other than the “Back to the Future” car but right hand drive version of the 1982 DeLorean DMC-12. This would be a tough car to convert to RHD conversion but, looks nicely done.

Peter is our “photographic observer” in Australia. Thank you for sharing the unusual and the usual great stuff from down under.

Thanks for riding along. Frank