Bits and Pieces from Peter In Australia September 21 Edition

Last updated on October 28, 2022

Peter is our “photographic observer” who is living in Australia. Today’s collection of photographs from Peter of some very interesting Bits and Pieces that he has taken. Some new some old.

This is a 1958 Australian V8 Mainline UTE with Canadian grill that identifies it as the last full body version before the 1960 Falcon six cylinder replaced them. Slight modifications would be the Ford crest replaces block letters on the hood that does not distract from this example being a very nice automobile. 

This is a street spot that Peter photographed in 2015 in Hermosa Beach, CA. Peter was at a art exhibition on Pier Ave and spotted this 1946 – 1948 Chrysler Town and Country Convertible. Peter made a mad dash towards the service station to get these photos. Beautiful car.

Here are a couple of 1965 Ford Mustangs that Peter spotted. The first one looks like it is in a shopping mall that has it as part of a drawing for the car plus $750,000 Australian which is $1,036,102.50 US. The second one looks to be in a car park that Peter spotted. Both are in great condition and as Peter would say “they are both unmolested still left hand drive”.

Peter spent some time poking around in junk yards off San Fernado Road in the late 60s. Woodies, were often found and this small yard has some real treasures in the yard, I don’t know the location of this one but it seems to have it all, something for everyon. There is a Town and Country in there he hoped somebody took aboard for a project. There is a 1955-56 ford Thunderbird that looks ready to go?

A little something different. For your not often seen department is the best way Peter described it. Peter saw this car on line at Cheap Car Co. LTDs were special occasion Fords made for such things as wedding cars, VIP transportation (Limos) and as a hearse and seldom seen at all today. A real dinosaur. This one is configured as a hearse. As of today it is still for sale for a new low price of $9,999.00 Australian. At Cheap Car Co. The link is below. Look under wagons.

Dealer Description

This is the last full size 1976 Holden Premier sedan before Opel based Commodore replaced them. This example has the Monaro GTS wheels, Whitewall tires, rear window venetian blinds, and a vinyl roof, These are rare additions for pretty much of a base model Holden powered by a 6 cylinder auto trans car. 

The Holden owners other ride is this 1977 Corvette with a great Red, White, and Blue color scheme. This car has an after market hood, American Racing wheels, a 1978 pace care spoiler and has been converted to right hand drive.

Peter took these shots at the Air Show 2019 Queensland Australia. Size comparison. “Trojans” and Chevrolets make for a good looking couple.

Thanks to Peter for sharing and thanks to you all for traveling along. Frank