Bits And Pieces from Peter In Australia October 21 Edition

Last updated on November 30, 2022

Peter is a “photographic observer” who is now living in Australia. Today’s collection of photographs from Peter of some very interesting Bits and Pieces of photos that he has taken either here in the US or in Australia. Some new some old.  Enjoy.

Peter will start this next collection from photos that he had taken in 2012 at the Mermaid Restaurant located in Hermosa Beach, CA. The Mermaid had a nice 60-year run before closing in September 2017.  Peter was having meals there since the late 1950s in which the Mermaid changed hands more than once during those years. During those years Peter also remembers a lady cook named Betty who also cooked for the Lighthouse just on the other side of Pier Ave.

The car in the photo is a 1972 Corvette convertible finished in Targa Blue with a Blue interior. It is powered by a 350 cu in v8 engine. This car is in great shape for being 40 years old at the time of the photo.

This car is 1951 Ford 2 door Club Coupe. There are very few them in Australia.  This one Peter photographed a few years ago,  Peter remembers an old photograph of a Ford Motor Co. design exercise with wood trim that looked very much like this car. This is a cool car. I would like to see 2 changes that would make it more period correct car. First the addition wide whitewalls and second period correct mirrors.

Peter saw these 2 cars being transported about a month ago. He had no idea what they are and where they were going. I thought that the white one maybe a 1904 Tourist???  If you have any ideas of what we are? Send me a message thorough contact function.

Nice and tidy this 1966 Mustang tops off with $1.59 a liter petrol, a drop from nearly $2.00 a liter with the school holidays in full swing. The $1.59 a liter equates to $5.35 US a gallon. You cannot go on the interstate anywhere with lock downs among New South Wales in the state of Queensland (QLD). Every state has it’s own rules who can come and go over the borders.

Over the years Peter would hit different junk yards in the US with his camera in hand. This one was in Blythe, CA and was being cleared out in the 1990s. Peter had visited this particular junk yard 4 different times since the 1980s. The same vehicles were still there, but they had been moved around without great care. Dented fenders, and missing parts were common when he compared photos of earlier visits.  The 1965 Buick Riviera in the foreground looks to be mostly there. In the background is a 1930s Ford sedan delivery that had never moved until this visit. Peter happened to be there on the day it was being picked up by the new owners.

Peter said he would be happy to share photos like these from his previous years visits of the “Junk Yard Beauties”. Peter had a thought about his junk yard visits. In the 50’s and 60’s he seldom saw any classic cars only basic sedans. Visiting the same yards in the 80’s and 90’s the great stuff from the 50s and 60s were now visible everywhere. Peter has these photos and may share them with us in the future.

Peter sent this information in PDF format that you will find interesting on the Chevrolet Utility Vehicle (UTE). There is very little archived on them as well as the Ford line. Peter has not found any sales literature for any GM UTE for sale in his search for these archives.


These old Ford UTE’s that go way back..  Peter looked at and photographed quite a few of them over the years and collected sales brochure where he could. Like everything what was once common are now rare. There are only two imported 1957 US Ford Rancheros. in the state of QLD for comparison and a 1959 Ford Ranchero. He does not know of any 1958 models. 

Peter was busy at a Military Vehicle Show with camera in hand.

Look for Military Vehicles in More Bits and Pieces from Peter in Australia November Edition . Thanks for riding along. Frank