Lost 1929 Ford Custom Roadster

Todays car is a story. OK, I thought that I would forward this to our group and post this on the blog. I got this from my friend Bob who got it from his friend Fred who saw this on Craigslist and it turned out to be Fred’s elementary school friend Eric who is looking for a car his father once owned. So I thought why not. I like cars, I like stories, and I like helping people with a great car story.

Fred was browsing his local craigslist and came across the attached photos. The ad read; “Looking for this 1929 Roadster”. It went on to explain that the car had belonged to the posters father in the 1950’s and he was looking for it with the idea of restoring it for nostalgia’s sake. The ad was signed by Eric Seltzer. The short version of the story is Eric and Fred went to Tarzana elementary school together in the mid 50’s. Now he’s living about a half a mile from Fred in Sparks, Nevada. They have not seen each other for 60 years. They have been building cars for years. Eric thinks he has one more car left in him and he thought it would be fun to restore his dad’s old hot rod.  I like Eric already.

The car was in Hot Rod magazine in the early 50’s. I could not find anything on Hot Rod Magazine archives. When his dad bought the car it was painted green. His dad wrecked the car one night on the way home from work. Eric’s father tore it all apart, straightened the frame and built it back the way you see it in the white paint job. The doors were already welded shut so his dad cut them down for ease of getting in and out of the car. It was powered with a flathead V-8 and the standard running gear of the era.

Eric’s dad sold the car in 1965. Eric has spoken to people that have seen the car advertised for sale over the years. They are guessing that the car still exists, probably in somebody’s garage. The car was last known to be in the Los Angeles area. They are hoping one of you might have seen it in your travels. Please keep an eye out for it with and forward to all of your contacts. If you wouldn’t mind doing that it would be greatly appreciated. Well, if any of you know the where about of this 1929 Ford Roadster please reply to Eric Seltzer.  

Eric can be reached at:
Eric Seltzer seltzer.eric@gmail.com phone: (775) 250-6400

Oh by the way this was a very cool car in the day and today. Good luck Eric.

Thanks for riding along. Frank

Eric’s Mom and Dad in 1953 when the car was green.