Bits and Pieces from Peter in Australia July – November 22 Edition

Last updated on November 30, 2022

Peter is a “photographic observer” who is living in Australia. Today’s collection of photographs from Peter are of some very interesting Bits and Pieces of photos that he has taken here in the US and in Australia. I like that we get to see how Peter shares his views of the hobby here in the US and in Australia.

Peter was helping a friend and writer for an Australian Automobile Magazine and completed an article about how Australian Pontiac shared the same ads with their US counterparts with the use of reversed imagery.

Like with a kids picture puzzle “Can you spot the differences?”.  You can have fun with these since there are more than a few alterations other than the steering wheel relocation. I found 12 car related changes. Did you get all 12 or more?

Peter took these photos of the two cars at the local Caboolture Show 2022 which is held at the Caboolture Showgrounds. It is more of a carnival atmosphere than anything, it seems to be a dying breed. Peter feels like the big rides and attractions that were present in pre covid days are not coming back.

The 1970-1972 Falcon XY GT is in Peters opinion are the most collectable automobile in Australia. Powered by a 300 hp, 351 cu in V8, either a Windsor or a Cleveland engine with a 600cfm Autolite 4-bbl carburetor. But, some Australians would argue for the same era Holden Monaros are the most collectable? They both have great race histories and are legendary at the Mount Panorama Motor Racing Circuit.

The extinction of manufacturing of the 2 great Australian auto makers now leaves the racing future there in Australia in perils.

The 1969 Camaro is finished in Metallic Blue with a supercharged engine and 2-4bbl carburetors.

Peter lives in a popular area for drive-bys. So when he hears a rumble on the street he tries to get his camera and catch a photo on their return run as he lives on a dead end street. These are 1970-1972 Falcon XY GT drive-bys.

Peter, seldom spots a Holden Monaros and rests his case as to their popularity!

Holden Monaro

Peter’s spots another Australian Falcon GT and is holding tight with his beliefs that it is the most valued super car in Australia. The roll bar and personal license plate PHASE 3 strongly suggest this one has a race history. It was soon followed by a Australian Mopar Charger with all the graphics, suggesting it too has a race history. Both had the same serious sound effects. Serious business here!

During WWII and the Japanese at Australia’s doorstep it was not uncommon to see civilian vehicles inducted into military service. This drafting of this 1937 Chevrolet 1/2 ton pickup is just one of them. From the looks of it it never quite made it back into civilian life again. Today this is a bit of a bitzer…. a bit of this and a bit of that. A newer addition is a V8 motor and power steering, but mechanical hand signals and basic horn remain the same.

The HUMVEE is the only one in civilian hands in Australia and was never part of the Australian Defense Force.

WWII Drafty

Peters partner Marie whose late husband Tom was very handy with a 8mm camera. Tom and Marie came across this wreck between a 1953-54 Holden sedan and a 1959 Ford sedan around 1965 in Queensland. The photos are not sharp, but you get the gist of what happened! Both vehicles had severe frontend damage. Tom and Maire’s own Holden ute is behind the wreck untouched.

With Peter’s grandparent’s help he purchased this 1956 Chevy Bel Air Convertible for $999.00 in 1962. He gave it to his sister when he enlisted. She sold it for $200.00 in 1968. He did drive around with the top down even when it was snowing!!! The back seat guest were fully rugged up! Great fun.

Peter’s grandad was a Nash man. This is Peter digging out his 1951 Nash “TUB” during the winter of 1957-58. In 1962 here is Peter again clearing the way for his grand fathers Rambler Classic and in the last picture Peter’s 1956 Chevy lurking behind the house.

Peter and his 1956 Chevy.
1951 Nash TUB.
1951 Nash TUB.
Rambler Classic hiding behind the tree.

Here are some photos from Peter’s late sisters home in Australia circa around 1987. Her husband had a garage with a pit that Peter used a lot when buying, selling, and trading automobiles. The Ford Country Squire was a full import RHD, but has a Edsel dashboard. As all RHD full size Fords that were imported for that year. Peter dose-not know why they came with Edsel dashboards. The hubcaps were Thunderbird with color coded disk inserted over the logo and applied to the Australian Ford LTDs top of the line cars.
The Falcon coupe is a XB from the early 1970s with a rare option vinyl covered roof. The Falcon wagon is new 1985-86  fully optioned with bucket seats.
Peter had the RHD 1957 Cadillac Eldorado Seville trucked in from Western Australia in 1986 and sold it in 2007. He thought he was doing a brake drum inspection on the wagon before he had the rego safety test made on it for new plates.

1956 Chevrolet 210 Hearse looks like it was converted from a station wagon. It could be yours for just $30,000.00 AU. Peter had no idea what the steering wheel gizmos are for. I think it is a telescoping steering wheel setup? The landau top, fender skirts, 1955 Chevy hubcaps, and bucket seats give the car a custom look. The chrome skull on the front seat is a nice touch.

Thanks for riding along. Frank