1999 Shelby Series 1

Last updated on October 11, 2021

Today’s car is a 1999 Shelby Series 1 and it is finished in Centennial Silver with Black stripes and a Black interior. It is owned by Sandy Bettelman and I saw it at the Zimmerman ADM on September 18th at the Shelby Show. The car has a carbon fiber composite body with aluminum honeycomb chassis and the car only weighs 2,650 pounds. It is powered by a Oldsmobile Aurora engine with 243.8 cu in, 4.0 liter, DOHC, electronic fuel injection, V8 engine producing 320 hp and transferring that power through a 6-speed manual ZF transaxle with a final drive gear ration of 3.12 t0 1. Helping slow this baby down are vented power disc brakes. The race car suspension is an inboard pushrod rocker-arm design with adjustable coilover springs and shocks at all 4 corners.

The original MSRP was $112,290.00. The total of 249 production 1999 Series 1 were constructed by Shelby American, Inc. Las Vegas, Nevada. The Series 1 is the only car ever designed, engineered, and built by Carroll Shelby from the ground up. The 0 to 60 time in 4.4 seconds and and a top speed of 170 mph.

This is a rare car that gets plenty of attention where ever it goes. Thanks for traveling along. Frank