Ford Broncos

Last updated on September 5, 2021

Good Morning, today’s trucks are a pair of first generation Ford Broncos. First generations Broncos were produced between 1966 – 1977. One Standard Bronco and one Baja Bronco.

The first one is is a 1975 done in Bahama Blue and Pure White. This is not the traditional paint pattern with the white on the upper part of the body more like the Baja pattern, but only 2 tone. I like it better than the factory paint pattern. This is a beautiful example of a recently restored Bronco.

The second one is a Bill Stroppe’s Baja Bronco that were built from 1971 – 1975. Done in the traditional Poppy Red and Wimbledon White two-tone body and a bright metallic blue roof, This one belongs to George. The Stroppe Broncos weren’t cheap, which is partly why they are incredibly rare today along with they think they only made about 100 a year. The Stroppe Baja Bronco are a street-going version of Stroppe’s racing Broncos, yet it was quite capable itself. Modifications include four additional shocks to make eight total, a radiused front fender for increased clearance, and flared rear quarter panels, along with various other upgrades. Interestingly enough, Ford only offer a manual transmission in the Bronco until 1973, but Stroppe installed C4 automatics and Trans cooler as a option in the 1971 and 1972 models.

This is another beautiful example of what appears to be a recently restored Baja Bronco. I love that George has a miniature Baja Bronco and a Maserati convertible for the little one.

If you are interested in buying a Bronco click the link below for Hagerty’s Buyers guide.

Your handy 1966–77 Ford Bronco buyer’s guide | Hagerty Media

It is just amazing that just one block away is another rare Baja Bronco. Marks which I covered November 25, 2020. Also there are other Broncos in the neighborhood.

Thanks for riding along. Frank

Standard Bronco on the left and Stroppe Baja Bronco on the right.