1973 Chevy Nova 2 Door Coupe

Today‚Äôs car is a 1973 Nova 2 Door Coupe. I photographed this car as a street spot in Westchester, CA, where Frank’s Cars in the Hood which started back in August, 2020. It is finished in Tuxedo Black with a Green and tan interior. In 1973 they had 4 engine options. The 100 hp, 250 cu in, in-line-6 with 106,437 produced, the 115 hp, 307 cu in, V8 with 142,798 produced, and the 145/175 hp, 350 cu in, V8 with 120,274 produced. They were mated to these 4 transmission options. The 3 speed manual, a 4 speed manual, a 2-speed automatic Powerglide (6 cylinder only), and a 3-speed automatic Turbo Hydramatic TH350. Slowing this beauty down are finned drums up front and drums in the rear with power drum or disc brakes available. It has independent front suspension with coil springs and a front stabilizer bar. The rear suspension is longitudinal semi-elliptical leaf springs.

The total number of 1973 Nova’s produced were 369,511 of which 194,197 2 door coupes. They had 3 models available the 2 door coupe, 4 door sedan, and the 3 door hatchback. The MSRP was $2,375.00. This is a clean looking Nova and a great car to take to GM / Chevrolet car shows, Cars & Coffee events, or just going on a cruise with like minded friends. Thank you for riding along. Frank