1970 Iso Grifo

Today’s car is a 1970 Iso Grifo Series II that was designed by Bertone and owned by Mike Kerns. I photographed this car at the annual Culver City Car Show located at West LA Collage, Culver City, CA. It is finished in metallic gray with a warm saddle Interior. It is powered by a 300 hp, 327 cu in, Corvette Turbofire V8 with a Carter 4 barrel carburetor. It is mated to a ZF Friedrichshafen 5-speed manual transmission with a 3.30:1 rear axle gear ratio. Slowing this beauty down are four-wheel Girling disc brakes. It has independent front suspension with wishbones, coil springs and an anti-roll bar. The rear suspension has DeDion axle with twin trailing radius arms, transverse linkage bars and coil springs. The Campagnolo magnesium wheels are the perfect final touch. This example was on display at the 1970 Turin Motor Show and is believed to be the personal car of Pedro Rivolta. Documented in Iso Rivolta, The Men, the Machine, by Winston Goodfellow. 

These alloy bodied car was produced from 1964 – 1974 with a total 0f 413 produced. 330 of which are Series I and 83 are Series II. There were 90 7-litre versions, but the rarest are Series II with the 5-speed transmissions with 23 units. The MSRP was $13,448.00. The published top speed is 150 mph with a 0-60 mph time of 5.8 seconds.

This is a great car to take to a European and Italian car shows or like where I saw it at a local car show event, a Cars and Coffee event or just cruising up the coast. Thank you for riding along. Frank