1969 Jaguar E-Type Series II

Last updated on September 5, 2021

Today’s car is owned by Howie Margolies and is 1969 Jaguar E-Type Series II Roadster done in light blue.  Series II were produced from 69-71.  5,700 hundred were produced in 1969.  This car is optioned with factory AC, rare and an odd option for a roadster.  Powered by a 4.2 L 6 cylinder with 246 HP with a 0-60 time in an astounding 7.2 seconds.  
Did I mention Howie is the second owner.  According to Howie this is story of how the original owner Coralee came into ownership of the car around 1970.   At that time her and her husband owned a TR4. The husband always wanted an E-Type and this was going to be a gift for him upon his return from Vietnam.  She purchased the car when he went off to serve in Vietnam as a helicopter pilot.  Sadly, he was shot down, killed and never found.  Coralee held onto the car not having the heart to part with it.  Despite family telling her to do so for years for emotional reasons and lack of use.  Instead she built a small garage in the back of her moms home where it sat for many years.  Upon her moms death, the house was sold and the car needed to be moved.  Her daughter did not want the Jag and there was no longer a place to store it.  Coralee was finally convinced to sell the car, a very difficult and emotional decision for her.  I heard about the car through a friend of hers who used to go the Marina.  I forget his name, but he collected Datsun Roadsters.  After multiple calls and emails I flew up with Colette to Portland to meet her.  Scott and Shy joined us there.  He was buying a truck in the area and I needed an impartial second opinion.  Scott was a big help, crawling under the car in the rain to check it out.  And for giving me an honest opinion on the car.  After a drive around the neighborhood during that heavy rain storm with bald and dry rotted tires, I was sold.  The car was bought without hesitation and I have been enjoying it ever since.  
Coralee and I are still friends. She loves seeing pics of the Jag being driven and enjoyed by us. 

These pictures were taken at Kaye’s memorial run at Point Magu.  Fun car that Howie and Colette have been enjoying.  Thanks Howie for sharing your story. Thanks for riding along. Frank