1968 Triumph TR250

Today’s car is a 1968 Triumph TR250 and it is owned by Trent Merrill. It is finished in British racing green with a black and biscuit trim interior and a matching “Everflex” convertible soft top hood. I saw this car at the Golden Cove “British Car Show”, well it is mostly British, that meets on the 3rd Sunday of the month and is located in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA. It is powered by a 111 hp, 2500 cc, in-line 6 cylinder with 2- single barrel Zenith Stromberg 175 CD-2 carburetors coupled with a 4-speed manual transmission with overdrive through a 3.70:1 rear end. Helping slow it down are disc brakes in the front and drums in the rear. It has fully independent suspension with unequal-length A-arms with coil springs up front and Independent with semi-trailing arms and coil springs in the rear.

This is 1 0f 8,484 TR250s, a one-year-only, that were produced between August 1967 and September 1968 for the North American export market. The same car with fuel injection was sold in the rest of the world as a TR5, but this spec was not legal under the new US smog law requirements, but was addressed with the introduction of the TR6 in 1969.

The original MSRP was $3,395.00 with an added $118.00 for the optional wire wheels and $175.00 for the overdrive. The published top speed is 107 mph with a 0-60 time of 10.6 seconds. This is a rare car with probably 600 still in existence world wide. This is very cool car that got plenty of attention at Golden Cove. It will do well at British car shows and Coffee and Cars events. Thanks for riding along. Frank