1968 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible

Last updated on November 5, 2021

Today’s car is a 1968 Corvette Convertible. It is a street spot and is owned by the guy with all the cars who lives up the street. I have not seen any cars for a long time and was surprised and happy to see his cars again in the neighborhood.

It is finished in Rally Red with a Red interior and a White convertible top. It is powered by a L79 327 cu in, 5.3 liter, with a Holley 4bbl carburetor and a performance cam shaft this V8 engine produced 350 hp. Transferring that power through a 4 speed manual transmission and delivering that power to the rear wheels through 3.36 to 1 Positraction rear end. It is also sporting the optional off-road exhaust system.  Slow it down are hydraulic, 11.8 inch diameter vented four wheel disc brakes. The front suspension is unequal-length control arms with ball joints and in the rear is an independent suspension with a transverse-mounted rear spring.

The original MSRP was $4,320.00 for a convertible and $4,663.00 for a coupe. The total number of 1968 Corvettes produced was 28,566 of which 18,630 were convertibles and 9,936 were coupes. This is a great car for Cars and Coffee, Corvette and GM Car Shows or just cruising up and down the coast. Top down of course! Thanks for riding along. Frank

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