1967 Volkswagen Bug

Last updated on July 31, 2021

Who pulled up right behind Scott in his newly acquired 1967 Volkswagen Bug done in Zenith Blue.  Phil D’Amato!!! Most of us know Phil from Caffeine Cruisers, Silver Spur and lately the Marina.   
This car has had 4 prior owners.  Purchased originally in Germany but, has spent its entire life in Sunny California.  It was sold to the second owner in 1976 and she owned the car until 2019 for a total of 43 years.  The 1976 is considered a one year car.  One of the firsts for 1976 bug is the 12 volt battery system.  A very nice newly restored car.  

An update on this car. Phil sold this beauty to friends of ours. Patrick and Karen Blanchard. Who are enjoying this car and adding it to their collection.
Thanks for riding along. Frank

A cameo appearance from Scott and for those who want to know what Phil looks like he is the one in the mask!!!
Notice the cameo appearance from Mike.