1967 Autopia Mark VII

Last updated on September 28, 2021

Wow, this is one of the coolest cars I have seen in the hood.  After getting gas on my way home from Paradise Cove Sunday morning.  I saw this unique Disney car roaming the neighborhood with Peter at the helm.  It is a 1967 Autopia Mark VII.  I believe they ran at Disney’s Tomorrow Land from 1967 to 1999.  This is one of 128 bodies sold.  Disney re-bodied the cars using the original chassis.   These cars were designed by Bob Gurr, the Disney Imagineer, who designed it in the Corvette style.  Peter bought the body in 2001 and complete the project in 2006.  He had to have a chassis built for this car and for power has a 8 1/2 HP engine same as original.  He believes that there are 8 of these bodies in California.  Peter told me that Jay Leno has one of these on the original chassis.  Peter had the placard on the windshield signed by Bob Gurr and The placard read “ Please exit to this side of the vehicle”.  I have heard from some of the neighbors saying that Peter could be seen on weekends driving his kids around the hood when they were younger.  What a great find and it was great talking to Peter with his passion for his car.  
Thanks for riding along. Frank