1966 Volkswagen Bus

Last updated on August 26, 2021

Todays car is a 1966 Volkswagen Bus that has been shorten by 4 feet. Known as “Halfloaf” a shorty bus that was originally a 13 window bus. I saw this car at the ADM Air-Cooled Volkswagen show in El Segundo. It is finished in a two tone combination of what I think is a 1974 VW color Cadiz Orange and a Bright White. The interior is done in matching colors. It is powered by a a replacement 1600 cc engine developing 60 hp and transferring that power through a rebuilt 4-speed manual transmission. Delivering that power to the rear wheels through 4.26 t0 1 rear end gear ratio Slowing this “Halfloaf” down are disc┬ábrakes all around. The original MSRP was $2,337.00. The total number of 1966 VW bus’s produced was 191,373 of which 30,767 were microbus’s.

The total restoration took 7 months and included new windows, disc brakes, safari windows, trim, wiring, interior, upholstery and paint. What make this shorty unique according to owner is that it is the only known shorty to have a rear passenger door.

Very nicely done! Great restoration and fun to look at. A true attention getter. I am not sure of drivability, but that is me. Thanks for riding along. Frank