1966 MK I Ford GT Cortina

Last updated on May 21, 2021

Today car is a 1966 Mk I Ford GT Cortina 2 Door Saloon. The traditional factory colors were White with a Green strip. This car has been painted in red and gold to replicate the 1965 European Touring Car Championship winning car driven by Sir John Whitmore and prepared by Alan Mann Racing. Powered by a Ford crossflow 1.5L, 4I engine. The most powerful version of this engine were used in the GT Cortina producing 78 hp. This engine contained a different cam profile, a different head featuring larger ports, tubular exhaust headers, and a Weber two-barrel carburator. Transferring that power through 4-speed manual all synchromesh gearbox and delivering that power to the rear wheels through semi-elliptical solid axle with 3.77 t0 1 gear ratio. The 0 to 60 mph time is 11 seconds.

I saw this car at Golden Cove, a mostly British cars and coffee. If I recall correctly the gentlemen who owns it bought the car years ago, let it sit and restored it to the condition you see it here. Great looking car and very nicely done.

Thanks for riding along. Frank