1966 – 1977 Ford Bronco

Last updated on September 5, 2021

Today’s truck is a 1966 – 1977 Ford Bronco done in the Baja Bronco style.  This is a very nice example of what can be done with the first generation Bronco.  This one has a 5.0L engine with fender flares, Hood scoop, swing-away tire carrier, heavy-duty suspension, and either a E-Z Trac or a Fast Trac soft top
The Baja Bronco that I did on November 25 was done in the traditional Baja Bronco color combination and looked more original?  The original Baja Bronco is a first generation Bronco With a Poppy Red and Wimbledon White two-tone body and a bright metallic blue roof and satin black hood are incredibly rare. There’s quite a bit of dispute on how many of these vehicles were manufactured between 1971 and 1975,  but the general consensus is that between 450 and 650 were sold. Its scarcity is only part of the reason why this Ford Bronco has become such a desirable collector’s item.  Thanks for riding along. Frank