1965 Cobra Roadster

Last updated on August 29, 2023

Today’s car is a 1965 Ford Cobra that is done in 1967 Ford Silver Blue with Wimbledon white stripes. This beauty belongs to Mario Abril, who happens to be the creator of this Website. Mario built this  Factory Five Cobra which took nearly 4 years. While Mario did most of the work himself he used his knowledge of working on his own cars and untold hours learning from other car builders on the forum, www.ffcars.com. When building a car it takes a wealth of knowledge and patience. Mario says “it takes a village”.

There were two local shops that were invaluable in his build. So guys here are 2 resources that you can add to your list if they are not already there. Ace Torrance Industrial Hardware and Torrance Electronics. We up here use Ace Culver City Industrial Hardware. The Ace Hardware Store has every conceivable fastener on hand and allowed him to upgrade all included fasteners to the highest quality and finish, so he visited this store regularly throughout his build. Also, Torrance Electronics provided a plethora of electrical components.

Powered by a 427 cu in stroker with a Dart SHP block and Dart Pro 1 CNC heads, plus a SCAT-forged rotating assembly. Actuating the valvetrain is a Comp Cams custom grind cam, rockers, lifters, and springs. Edelbrock provided the water pump and RPM Air Gap manifold. Topping the whole assembly is a Holley Ultra HP 750 carb with a spacer from Unleashed Custom Machining. Supplying juice to the plugs is MSD’s distributor, coil, and Digital 6AL built to Mario’s specifications by QMP Racing in Chatsworth, CA. All told, final engine dyno is at 570 hp and 556 lbs-ft of torque.  Power translates to the rear wheels through an upgraded Tremec 5 – speed TKO600RR from Liberty’s High Performance with mid-shifter by Pro 5.0. The clutch is a RAM Powergrip. 

Paint and body were performed by Miller Customs in Temecula, Calif. “This shop does terrific work,” as the pictures will confirm.

Mario says looking back “Building my own Cobra give me solid sense of satisfaction and familiarity with the car that you can only get by building it yourself’.

This is a beautiful build, the best that I have seen. The attention to detail is unbelievable!!!

If you are going to build a Cobra or any car there is great information here. Under Build Description are tools. That is my favorite area because I love tools.. Put your curser on and click the “My Cobra Build” link below and the link will pop up.

Thanks for riding along. Frank

My Cobra Build