1964 Lotus Super 7

Last updated on September 11, 2023

Today’s car is a 1964 Lotus Super 7 “lightweight’ done in Polished Aluminum and Carbon Fiber is owned by Bruce Hand. Powered by a Cosworth BDP 2000 cc, 2.0L producing 265 HP@ 9000RPM, fule Injected, transferring the power through a Tilton Cluch and a Caterham 6-speed close ratio transmission, and delivering that power to the rear wheels through Quaife 3.90 to 1 gear ratio. To slow the rocket down 4 wheel disc brakes with Alcon calipers. It has a 8 gallon racing fuel cell, 3 piece Force aluminum wheels, and Toyo R888 Tires. Carbon Fiber seats. Bruce has replaced every nut and bolt with Aircraft Titanium. All the parts he has made or replace are to make the car lighter. It weighs 935 pounds now and started out at 1315 pounds. The Lotus Seven was designed by Lotus founder Colin Chapman. Bruce lives and dies by the phrase that Colin Chapman, who loved the phrase “less is more.”  To give you an idea of fast this car is it has a power to weight ratio of 3.53 Lbs/HP compared to a Mclaren 570GT which has a 5.34 Lbs/HP. Yes it is fast.

It is a an amazing car and so unique. A piece of art. Thank you for riding along. Frank