1964 Chevrolet El Camino

Last updated on August 17, 2022

In Memory of Blu Shane Turner 1979-2015

On October 16th, 2015, Dale Turner’s oldest son and best friend, Blu passed away at the young age of 36. Blu’s last wish was for Dale to take his car and build it the way we would have built it together. Over the next 4 years Dale took Blu’s 1964 El Camino and did a ground up frame off restoration and built it in a restro-mod style. Dale painstakingly built the car the way that Blu and Dale would have built it by collaborating. After looking at this car and the love in Dale’s eyes. I know that Blu is smiling down at Dale. I am sure there are some thumbs up in there someplace.

Todays car is a 1964 Chevrolet Chevelle El Camino finished in a Pastel Blue Metallic with some pearl added to achieve this amazing color. To finish it off there are 6 coats of “House of Klear” clear coat applied with color sanding in-between coats to bring out that deep and high luster. It is powered by a small block 350 Chevy with 4 bolt mains and bored out to be a 383 stroker and is pulling just above 500 hp. Blu built this engine early on and it is the heart and sole of this project. Transferring those 500 ponies through a Steve Spark Turbo 350 3 speed automatic transmission. Delivering that power to the rear wheels through 10 bolt rear axel, Yukon posi and 3.36 t0 1 rear end gear ratio. To help slow this beauty down it has power brakes and disc brakes up front.

Dale spared nothing on this build. It was a total frame off restoration. The frame was sanded blasted and powder coated. It has all new suspension, a 2 inch drop all around, new brake and fuel lines, front disc brakes, custom wiring harness and a serpentine belt system to dress up the front of the engine. A custom made 2 inch cowl induction hood was made, with old school gauges inserted in the airflow vent. The body was also sandblasted, and every panel was reworked to bring out the lines on the body. The entire body was de-seamed to bring out that clean look to the car. Body and paint done by their old and dear friends Luis Palacios who owns “Reflections” and Dan Rhodes. The dual perform their magic and artistic efforts at McCluskey Ltd, located in Torrance, CA. When it came to assembling the El Camino with the best of restoration parts and accessories, They had chosen the Original Parts Group (OPG) to achieve the goal in the best look they could have found thought out the final assembly process. Dale took a unique approach with the glass for this build, Dale went with One Piece Products for the doors. They have a clean one piece look without the vent windows. He took it a little further, by installing a custom cut windshield and rear window to achieve a “flush” mount look, without using the standard window trim. 

Recently Dale entered the El Camino in the Petersen Automotive Museum “The Global Virtual Cars & Coffee” which is part of the monthly Cruise-in Breakfast Club. Well, much to Dales surprise he was presented with the “Peterson Perfection” award for this event. I understand why!

Dale wishes are that each of you enjoy the El Camino has much as they do. Dale said that it would be Blu’s wishes also.

Well, as far as I am concerned mission accomplished, Dale. I was in awe from the first moment I saw the car and became overly enthusiastic the more I looked at this build. Just one awe after another. I know that Blu is smiling down on you and riding with you every time you take this beauty out. Thanks for sharing Dale.

Thanks for riding along. Frank

Oak bed,