1963 Chevrolet Step-Side Pickup

Todays truck is a 1963 Chevrolet C10 Step-Side Pickup Truck. This is a street spot. After a dry spell in the neighbor hood I am starting to spot some new vehicles. Guessing from where I am sporting them, construction sights, I am assuming that they are coming into the neighborhood to work. This truck is finished in what appears to be an original color Glenwood Green. This is a c10 model which means it is a 1/2 ton conventional 2 wheel drive truck with a small rear window. This truck looks to be modified. The lowered stance, the larger wheels and tires, and the exhaust pipes exiting in front of the rear tires. Considering it is used as a work truck it looks pretty good, but needs some love$$$.

This could be a nice little grocery getter or for weekend lumberyard runs, add some cars and coffee on Saturday and Sundays. With some cosmetic work this can be a nice driver. It is a winner. Thanks for riding along. Frank