1960 Volkwagen Type 2 Westfalia

Today’s feature is a 1960 Volkswagen Westfalia owned by Steve Toshiyuki.  I photographed this car at Marina del Rey Cars & Coffee at the Waterside Shopping Center that meets from 7-9 AM every Sunday. It is finished in Yukon yellow, with Yukon yellow, brown vinyl, and wood accents in the Interior. It is powered by a 36 hp, 1.2 liter, flat 4 air cooled engine, with a Solex downdraft carburetor mated to a 4-speed manual  transaxle with a 4.12:1 final drive gear ratio. Slowing it down are drum brakes all around. The front suspension is independent through equal upper and lower trailing arms, transverse torsion bars and an anti-sway bar. The rear suspension is independent through swing axles with trailing arms and torsion bars.

Westfalia / Camper equipment could included:

  • Various foldout seat arrangements for sleeping
  • Birtch plywood interior panels
  • Laminated plywood cabinetry for storage
  • Ice box or cold-box
  • Sink (some models)
  • Water storage and pump
  • Electrical hookups
  • Curtains
  • Screened, push out windows and/or jalousie windows
  • Laminated folding table

The Volkswagen Type 2 were produce from 1949 – 1967, with a total 0f 139919 units produced in 1960. The MSRP was $2,245.00. The published top speed is 60 mph. This is beautiful example of a restored original iconic Volkswagen Bus. What a great vehicle to take to Volkswagen, European, camping, or car shows, Cars and Coffee events or just a cruising to the beach for a picnic with the family. Thank you for riding along. Frank

Engine compartment key.