1960 Lincoln Continental Mark V Convertible

Today’s car is a 1960 Lincoln Continental Mark V Convertible owned by David Freedman. I photographed this car at the Hermosa Beach Endless Summer Classic Car Show 2024. The car is finished in Terra Verde green. It is powered by a 315 hp, 430 cu in, V8 engine, with a 2bbl Motorcraft carburetor mated to a 3-speed automatic transmission with 2.89:1 rear axle. Slowing this beauty down are hydraulic drum brakes in all 4-corners. The independent front suspension consists of ball joints, coil springs and double acting shock absorbers concentrically mounted within the coil springs. The rear suspension consists of a Hotchkiss drive, parallel mounted semi-elliptical leaf springs with angle mounted shock absorbers.

The Mark V generation of Lincoln continental’s were built from 1958-1960. Continental advertising brochures continued to champion that Continental was still a separate make and shared its body with that year’s Lincoln. The 1958 through 1960 Mark V’s were essentially Lincoln’s as the Continental division had been dropped after the Mark II. The total number of 1960 Lincoln Continental Mark V’s produced was 24,820, of those 2,044 were convertibles. In 1956, the company sold 57,000 cars, but in 1960 that number had plummeted mainly blamed of the recession. The MSRP was $7055.00. The published top speed of 119 MPH with a 0-60 mph time of 10.4 Seconds.

This 1960 was one of the most luxurious cars in the day. Great car to take to Lincoln/FOMOCO car shows, Cars and Coffee events or just cruising while enjoying as many a 5 friends in the car for the ride! Thanks for riding along. Frank

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Photo courtesy of reliccars.com