1957 Ford Ranchero

Todays car/truck is a 1957 Ford Ranchero and it is finished in a two tone combination of Silver Mocha and Colonial White with a matching interior. It is owned by Tom Lieb. It is powered by a 292 cu in, 4.79 liter, producing 212 hp V8 engine, producing 245 hp. Transferring that power through a 2-speed Fordomatic automatic transmission. Delivering that power to the rear wheels through 3.56 t0 1 rear end gear ratio. To help slow it down it has 11 inch drum brakes in the rear. Tom put disc brakes on front and added power steering to make it more drivable. There were 6,149 Rancheros produced in 1957. The original MSRP for a 6 cylinder 3 – speed Manual transmission was $1918.00. Ford beat GM by 2 years before they produced the El Camino in 1959.

These are rare and I particularly like that this was the first year and is an survivor. This car/truck is perfect for a quick run to the parts store or just visiting a boys at a cars and coffee with a smile on your face.

Thanks for riding along. Frank