1956 Ford F100 Pickup

This week’s post is about what that F1 evolved into from Ford Motor Company. From 1953-‘56, Ford built the second generation of F-Series pickups, the ever-popular F-100. Still sporting the rounded and curvaceous body and offered with V8 power, they sold spectacularly well! Pickups were still work vehicles at that time so, it was tough to find a clean, non-abused example to cruise or turn into a show truck. That’s exactly what my father did in the late 60s when he built a show-winning, pearl yellow ’56 F-100 with matching ski boat. That’s why this white pearl show truck resonated with me, it reminded me of my father and his truck. This one is owned by Ed Muraski and sports custom touches like the louvered, reverse-hinged hood, flame graphics, air rid.e suspension, upholstery and 350cid Corvette motor. It’s definitely a beauty! 😎 David D. Floyd

Thank you for riding along. Frank