1955 Lincoln Futura Replica

Last updated on September 5, 2021

Today’s car is a 1955 Lincoln Futura Replica.  George Barris created the Lincoln Futura replica in 1966 and even patented it.   I remember building a model of the original Lincoln Futura by AMT when I was about 10 years old. Also. Check out the link at the end of todays email for a look back the automobile aftermarket success of the 60s that was built on telling you how your car could be better.  Compliments of Hemmings.   I am sure some of you can relate to this grouping of advertisements. In the comment section at the end of the article in the second comment, is a link to youtube link that is a 1969 Javelin Commercial don’t miss that one.  I have also added that link at the end of this post. Thanks for riding along. Frank

This is a picture of the original 1955 Lincoln Futura from my “Car not in the hood” I sent out on January 9th, 2021.

Thanks to Eddie Deery who sent in the photos below that he and Sandy spotted outside a Biker Bar in Old Town Temecula back in the Fall of 2019.  Thanks Eddie for sharing.  Very nice spot.  I love it.   

This is a copy of the original Patent that George Barris filed. 

The aftermarket success of the ’60s was built on telling you how your car could be better.

Photo from Hemmings article


Click link above.

American Motors AMC New 1968 Javelin Commercial (Official Video) youtube Link Click link below.