1955 CHEVROLET Delray “210” Club Coupe

Last updated on August 26, 2021

Today car is a 1955 Chevrolet 210 2 door sedan or as known in the Chevrolet brochures as the Delray “210” Club Coupe. This car is owned by Jerry Mull and it has some history.

Jerry’s first love for 1955 Chevys started when his Aunt Bea and Uncle Merv brought their brand new 1955 Chevy Bel Air Convertible over to their house. Even though Jerry was only 8 years old, He can still remember it as if it was yesterday, seeing that amazing new 55 parked in their driveway. The Chevy was Coral and Ivory, with the matching Coral interior, whitewall tires, push-button radio, etc. It had the new for ’55 265 V8 with a Powerglide transmission. Wow. Jerry told his folks “when I get old enough, I’m going to get me one”. Little did they know he was serious. What about that 1955 Convertible you may wonder?  In the summer of 1963, unknown to Jerry, his Aunt and Uncle sold it for $650. He was bummed, but at the time, he actually preferred the idea of a 2-door Sedan or Hard Top.

So Jerry’s quest for a 1955 Chevy started with his need for a daily driver. Why not a ’55 Chevy? On October 16, 1967 Jerry purchased a ‘55 Delray Club Coupe very similar to his present car for $220.  It was a Gypsy Red, with a Ivory roof car with the correct black and white square pattern vinyl Delray interior. It had a stock 265 V8 with a working overdrive equipped 3 speed transmission. The 265 burned oil like crazy, so Jerry replaced it with a rebuilt and balanced 1958 Chevy Corvette 283 V8 bored to 301. Regrettably, it was totaled in an accident on a dark and rainy Long Beach street just one year later.

Keep in mind that Jerry was living at home, paying rent to his Dad and working his way through College with two jobs. However, in December of 1968, he found his current Delray just two blocks away from home. Finding another ’55 Delray that nearby was a minor miracle as was the price of $50 (less engine and radiator). 

Within two months, using the two cars, Jerry was able to put together one good running car. He used the car for daily transportation to and from college and to and from work until 1975.  The car then sat derelict in the backyard until 1986 when he decided to begin a long overdue restoration. As the car became more and more stock and less modified, the only part of the car that kept Jerry from competing at Car Shows in the Original Restored Class was the ’58 Corvette engine. Even though it had the correct engine accessories and looked stock to the average person, it was always placed in the Semi-Modified or Contemporary Class.  After retirement in 2006 Jerry decided to find a correct 265 V8, rebuild it and do an engine swap.  He found an engine and had it rebuilt. Again life got in the way and the engine sat comfortably for 10 years. Jerry with the aid of his friends pulled the old Corvette engine. Jerry finished the engine bay and 11 year laters the car was running again. Jerry believes it’s important to preserve for future generations what our Chevys were like when new. 

Jerry’s 1955 is finished in Onyx Black with a Ivory and Black vinyl interior. It is powered by a 265 cu in “Turbo-Fire” OHV V8 engine rated at 180 hp. Transferring that power through a 2 speed Powerglide automatic transmission and delivering that power to the rear wheels through 3.55 t0 1 rear end gear ratio. Other new to 1955 Chevrolet features are the 12 volt electrical system, sweep-side windshield, knee action front suspension, anti dive brakes, ball race steering , swing type pedals, a more ridged frame, high hood ventilation, and tubeless tires. The total number of 1955 Chevrolets produced was 1,775,952 of which 250,000 were 210 Delray Club Coupes. This is an beautiful original restoration that has a lot of great miles in its future. Thanks Jerry, I look forward to seeing you and it around town.

Thanks for riding along. Frank

Note, that swing pedal!!
This is the correct black and white square pattern.