1955 Buick Special

Todays car is a 1955 Buick Special Model 48 – 2 Door Tourback Sedan, owned by Mike Green. The car is finished in a stunning Belfast Green Metallic. Yes, that Mike Green! The one and only who puts together the Wounded Warrior Car Show here in Southern California. Powered by Nailhead V8 with 264.2 cu in and 188 hp. Transferring that power through a 3-speed manual transmission and delivering that power to the rear wheels through solid axle with 3.90 t0 1 gear ratio. To slow this beauty down it is equipped with hydraulic brakes and has 12 inch brake drums all around. The original MSRP was $2233.00 and were 61,879 Buick Specials produced.

This is a beautiful rare car that has been tastefully restored. Something you do not see everyday! Rumor has it. that the Wounded Warrior Car Show will resume this year.


3 on the Tree!!!

Thanks to www.automobile-catalog.com for the image!