1952 Austin A90 Atlantic

Last updated on July 16, 2023

Todays car is a 1952 Austin A90 Atlantic. It is finished in what I would call Dark Emerald Green. The A90’s were built from 1949 to 1952 with a total production number of 7,981. The first year of production they started building only convertibles then transitioned into both convertibles and saloons. The saloons did not replace the convertibles, but quietly edged them out of the picture until their official discontinuation. Saloons carried on and are thought to outnumber the convertibles. It is thought that the weather in England help determine the convertibles demise. Yes, the convertibles are a Southern California cars and this car belong here. It is thought that there are only 160 remaining A90 Atlantics still in existence in the world. I have never seen one before.

Back to this beautiful car. I saw this car at the British Car Show at the Automobile Driving Museum (ADM) in El Segundo, CA. It is owned by Richard Tupper. This A90 is built in a resto-mod style and is definitely eye catching. The A90 body style first captures your eye with its rarity then the exterior color captivates you. The twin flying As on the hood are another unique A90 detail. The updated wheels, tires, and interior, with air conditioning, gives you that feeling that you are looking at something uniquely updated. The engine, transmission and rear end is all LT1 Chevrolet/GM. What a great combination for drivability. After seeing some of Richard’s other builds, I am sure that the other components are upgraded as well to keep the LT1 equipment in check.

A stunning car and that says drive me! Great for car shows and definitely a hit where ever you take it. Thanks for riding along. Frank

Check out the Flying As. Ralph Nader would have fit over those!!! LOL