1950 Jaguar 120

Last updated on December 9, 2022

Today’s car is a 1950 Jaguar 120 built as a exact replica of a 1950 120 24 hour Le Mans race car. The original owner spent 2 years collecting the original specifications to build this Le Mans race car. The original owner took it to the track and only tracked that one time. The car proved to be more than he anticipated.

This beautiful car is now owned by Tom and Deb Katamek and is finished in Maroon with a Red leather interior. I saw this car at Manhattan Beach Cars and Coffee located at The Point located in El Segundo. It is powered by a 210 cu in, 3.4 liter, in-line 6-cylinder engine with DOHC and 3 2bbl Weber carburetors producing 305 hp and transferring that power through a Tremec 5 speed manual transmission. Helping slow this baby down they have added front disc brakes. The original MSRP was $3,945.00 The total number of 1950 Jaguars produced was 912 units.

I look forward to Tom and Deb bringing their cars to The Point. They enjoy showing and sharing their stories of the cars in their collection. This is a great vintage Jaguar that has a great racing history intertwined in its history. This is one of those cars for me that just stops me in my tracks. Beautifully done. Thanks for riding along. Frank