1950 Chrysler Town and Country Newport 2 Door Hardtop

Last updated on September 5, 2021

Today’s car is a 1950 Chrysler Town and Country Newport 2 door hardtop done in Juniper Green And Tampa Beige with matching Interior. I saw this rare car at Caffine Cruisers a weekly local cars and coffee in Torrance, CA. It is powered by the 323 ci inline 8 cylinder engine producing a whopping 135 HP and transferring that power through a 3-speed fluid-drive transmission with synchromesh gears. Base price was $4028.00. Expensive for the day.

1950 was the very last year for Chrysler’s woodie line. It was also a one year only model as a hardtop for the Town and Country. Only 698 of these Town and Country Newport hardtops were built, Special features of these cars include the very first car of the “Big Three” to be fitted with four wheel disc brakes which Chrysler had pioneered in 1949 and all steel body panel construction with hand formed ash wood trim that was applied. The 4-wheel disc brake system was built by Auto Specialties Manufacturing Company (Ausco) under patents by the inventor H.L. Lambert. The Ausco disc brakes utilized twin expanding discs that rubbed against the inner surface of a cast iron brake drum, which doubled as the brake housing. The discs spread apart to create friction against the inner drum surface through the action of standard wheel cylinders. See photo below.

Great car, rare, and very nicely done. In a side note the orange and white car in the back ground Is another Henry J same make as yesterday featured car!

Thanks for riding along. Frank

Ausco disc brakes using standard wheel cylinders