1941 Seagrave

Last updated on January 26, 2024

Today’s Truck is a 1941 Seagrave and is owned and built by Richard Tupper. I was at Caffeine Cruisers at one of its first outings, let say about 10 years back, and I thought OMG this is awesome. It was Richards Idea to build a Seagrave pickup that they never built. He named it “Silverback” because it would be the biggest and baddest pickup that Seagrave might have ever built. I would say mission accomplished. Not only is it badass, but it is a very good looking truck.

Lets start that this truck is a combination of two Seagrave firetrucks an 1937 and 1942. The frame from a ladder truck was cut 14 feet to get the right proportions for the pickup. It is finished in a two-tone combination of Dove Grey and a Metallic Battleship Gray with a matching interior with a black top. It is powered by a 460 hp Cadillac with 500 cu in, 8.2 liter, v8 with a edelbrock 850 cfm 4-bbl carburetor , It transfers that power through a 3-speed automatic GM Turbo 400 transmission to Eaton 2 speed rear end. The front and rear suspension are from a Ford F-600 pickup truck. The front suspension is fully independent coil springs and in the rear are longitudinal semi-ellipical springs. Slow this bad boy down are disc brakes in the front and drums in the rear. The wheels are 22.5 inch Peterbilt with Super singles in the rear. The stainless steel (SS) pickup bed and tailgate had to be completely designed and built since there was never a Seagrave pickup built before. Another not to miss detail is the SS chains that lock the tailgate into place. That placement insures that the chains do not hit any painted surface. Well done!

Seagrave was founded by Fredric Seagrave in Detroit, Michigan, in 1881. It is the oldest manufacturer of fire apparatus in the United States. The company moved to Columbus, Ohio in 1891, and remained there until 1963, when the company was purchased by FWD (Four Wheel Drive).  At the time of the purchase, Seagrave moved all operations to Clintonville, Wisconsin, where it remains there today.

This truck has captured the original look of a truck of that era, but subtly captures the Resto-Mod features that are incorporated into the design. This truck like all of Richard’s creations draws a crowd instantly. Richard first love is creating these unique vehicles, but also enjoys driving, talking about and sharing his creations! Thank for riding along. Frank

Is that a Golf Club door on fire truck?
Custom Pickup Bed
The original instrument cluster looks right at home in this luxurious cab with the added feature of a tilt steering wheel.
Peterbult Super Single wheels

Check out the Video of the Silverback.