1941 Oldsmobile Darrin

Today’s car is a series of questions about this 1941 Oldsmobile Darrin. The questions are many and the answers are few. The readers are asked to share anything they might know about this vehicle. Does anyone know where this car is today or can they help locate the car? Has anyone seen or heard of the 1941 Oldsmobile Darrin? Anything would help. What a great find this would be untouched in your neighbors garage / barn after all these years!!!

Howard “Dutch” Darrin was a prominent designer of the classic era. His name was associated with many automotive marquees. Such as Darrin of Paris, Packard, Kaiser, Fraser, and many more. Darrin was noted for the “Darrin door dip” which this car has in the photo along with the Darrin script on the drivers side of the truck lid.

The car has been identified as 1941 Oldsmobile modified. The hood emblem and the front fender horizontal chrome have been removed, the front fenders have been feathered in the body just forward of the door, and the rear top bow lowered slightly to give a more rakish look. Some of the identifying features of the 1941 Oldsmobile are the 3-horizontal lines in the front and rear bumpers and the vertical feature on the rear fender that flows toward the rear bumper.

We are reaching out for your help to you to call your sources and scour your resources, books magazines, or anything to help locate any information on this wonderful piece of automotive art and history. Please help Earl with his research by emailing your comments and finding on this special 1941 Oldsmobile Darrin to Earl Rubinstein earl@earlrubensteinarchitect.com Thanks for riding along. Frank