1940-1957 WILLYS Jeep Reproduction that got just little out of hand!!!

Last updated on March 13, 2023

Todays truck was the debut showing of the Tupper Family’s 70% larger than the original size of a 1940 – 1957 Willys Jeep and an original size 1951 Willys Jeep 4×4 for side by side comparison. Lets just say they like to do things that are just a little bit different. I watched with anticipation as they drove them both in to Mike Green’s 14th Annual Wounded Warriors Car Show in Redondo Beach, CA. I have been waiting for this day for 4 years and I was not disappointed.

The Willys Jeep legend began in November 1940, in the early days of World War II, just a year before the United States entered the war. A small, four-wheel drive prototype, the Willys “Quad”, was delivered to the US Army. The Quad was the father of the Willys jeep series. Willys refined the Quad and built 1,500 units of the Willys MA model for the military. From 1941 to 1945 Willys produced the MB model, the original production go-anywhere and do-anything vehicle. They became known by its nickname, “Jeep”. There are many theory’s on how the name Jeep came about. We can discuss that in a parking lot when we are looking at cars and drinking coffee. Willys produced over 300,000 MB vehicles. In 1950, Willys introduced the M-38 identified as an “MC” model, a post-WWII Jeep. The M38 continued in production until 1952, when the M38-A1 became the “standard” model of military service, until it went out of production in 1957. From 1940 t0 1957 this same body style was produced with only minor body changes.

The Tupper family took the essence of the Willys Jeep and enlarged it by 70%. It is finished in a brilliant Orange with a Black interior. There were some giant hurdles to over come. 😎 The tailgate serves dual duty, as a tailgate and as an elevator for easy entry and exit. When you are this big, cameras are required to see what is in front of you, the sides and the rear. The chassis is a M35 6X6 or better known as a Deuce and a Half. They had to shortening the chassis and removed one axle to crate this 4×4. It is powered by a White Motor Company in-line, 478-cubic-inch (7.8 L), six-cylinder, turbocharged multi fueled engine developing 134 hp. Transferring this power through a 5-speed manual transmission and a divorced 2-speed transfer case to a set of wheels and tires that are from a M939 (5 ton) truck. Top speed is 58 mph, maybe a little faster with the larger wheels and tires. The production years of the M35 were 1950–1988 for the M35A1 & M35A2, and 1993–1999 for the M35A3.

I just marvel over the thought, details, planning and efforts to build something this unique. What a pleasure it is to watch the little ones faces when they first see it and approach it with those big wide open eyes. Great build and I look forward to seeing it at cars show from now on and watch the peoples reactions. Very fun! Thanks Richard and family for building and sharing.

Thanks for riding along. Frank

Wicked on the left and Willys on the right!!!
Tailgate / Elevator in action.
OK so Check this out! On the left is a photo taken in June 2017 & on the right is a photo taken on August 15th, 2021.