1938 Hudson Terraplane Pickup

Today’s vehicle is a 1938 Hudson Terraplane Pickup. I saw this truck at Annual Horseless Carriage Show in Arcadia, CA. It is finished in a two-tone red and black with a matching interior. It is powered by a 102 hp, 212 cu in, L-head, six-cylinder engine with the Power Dome head, with a single downdraft Carter carburetor that is mated to a 3-speed manual transmission. It was equipped with the “Duo-Automatic” brakes. It has two brake systems – both hydraulic and mechanical. Should the hydraulic brakes fail the mechanical brakes could be used to stop the vehicle, and it has a third brake, a parking brake within hands reach. The front suspension is the conventional I beam front axle with semi-elliptic springs. The rear suspension is alive axle with semi-elliptical leaf springs, These trucks were offered in two wheelbases: the standard 117-inch version and the “Big Boy” at 124 inches.The center gage panel included gas and temperature gauges and had lights for the generator and oil pressure – an early version of “idiot” lights.

The MSRP was $952.00. The published top speed was in the 80 mph range. The Terraplane became so popular that in 1938, the year this very distinctive and rare pick-up was built, Hudson added its name to the Terraplane lineup. This was the only year that both Hudson and Terraplane names were used together. Hudson dropped the Terraplane name all together in 1939.

This very rare pre war truck was noted for its unique looks at the time in that the front half of the vehicle closely resembled a passenger car complete with a fancy streamlined grille and sidemount spare integrated into the passenger side front fender. What a great truck to take to orphan car shows, Cars and Coffee events or just a run to the local lumber yard. Thanks for riding a long. Frank