1936 Auburn Speedster “Slow Burn”

Today’s car is a 1936 Auburn 866 Speedster (Boat Tail) know as ‘Slow Burn’ owned by Metallica’s frontman and co-founder James Hetfield. I photographed this car at the Petersen Automotive Museum that had an event that was “Celebrating 100 Years of Hollywood”. The car is finished in  House of Kolor two-tone candy Root Beer with a cream color Egyptian leather interior with dark brown Mercedes Benz carpet. It is powered by 355 hp, 350 cu in, ZZ4 GM crate engine, topped with an Edelbrock intake and Edelbrock 650 cfm four-barrel carburetor and mated to a 3-speed GM automatic TH350 transmission with Ford 9″ rear axle. Slowing this beauty down are disc brakes in all 4 corners. Sitting on a 1975 Lincoln Continental chassis. It has independent front suspension with double wishbones and the rear suspension is live axle both are riding on a RideTech air suspension system.

The total 0f 500, estimated, original 1935 – 1936 Auburn Speedsters were produced. In 1960 Glenn Pray purchased the Auburn-Cord-Duesenberg Co. In 1967 Pray produced his first 866 Speedster with a retail price of $8,450. Pray referred to his Fiberglass Speedsters as Second Generation Cars or Auburn Continuations. 113 Continuations 866’s were produced between 1968 – 1981. Hetfield found the Glenn Pray fiberglass recreation on eBay and contacted Rick Dore custom car builder. Rick and Hetfield are good friends and this car would conclude their 7th build together. The nickel plated trim, the slight top chop (Carson top), sectioned body, lengthened fenders, filled body seams, Colorado Custom wheels, and flush-mounted fender skirts give it that super stream line appearance.

This is an amazing award winning car, winning the 2010 Goodguys Custom of the Year. Hetfield donated Slow Burn along with 9 other cars to the Petersen Automotive Museum. Of that collection Slow Burn stands out as my favorite. Thank You for riding along. Frank

Photo Courtesy Bring a Trailer. Glenn Pray Auburn 866 Boat tail Speedster continuation.